How Soon Can Your Car Window Decals Get Exposed to Water Contact

Without knowing if it is going to rain or what, you just installed your car window decals on. And then suddenly there is a change in weather conditions and it is about to rain. Should you be worried about the newly stuck window decals? Is there a right timing as to when you should get those decals in contact with water or the like? I often get these types of questions and I actually find them fascinating.

What the Car Window Decal is made of
So, first thing, let us check out the materials that compose this decal item. In most cases, for outdoor display, most car window decals are made up of vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. This is the very basic foundation of almost all decals that can withstand the outdoor atmosphere, including changes in weather conditions.

Not limited to decals, polyvinyl chloride is also common in making road signs, banners, and traffic control signs. It pretty much dominates the graphic print industry way more than other substrates like plastic or fabric.

The top feature of vinyl is that it is waterproof. To side, ponchos are made from polyvinyl chloride and, obviously, they keep you quite dry. Hence, either through digital or screen printing, when decals are printed with a decent waterproof ink, they won’t have any trouble getting in contact with water, including rainwater.

The Back-Adhesive
Let us look at the adhesive used as well. For most vinyl decals, the back-adhesive is typically made from acrylic. There might be varying degree of stickiness, but such acrylic adhesive is waterproof and quite sticky as well. Alongside polyvinyl chloride, acrylic adhesives are also widely used in the graphics market.

Those graphics stuck on signs, decals, cars, truck trailers, you might not actually see the acrylic glue, but you certainly can see the attached graphics on particular automobiles advertising promotions of all sorts. This acrylic adhesive works perfectly for both indoor and outdoor signage.

To Conclude
And so, back to the concern about whether you should be worried about getting your car window decals wet from rainwater, well, obviously, no, you should not be worried at all. They are waterproof and would stay intact as installed. Actually, you can even stick the decals on out there in the pouring rain. Although I won’t recommend that since it can be tricky, it is actually quite common.

How about car waxing? Should you stick car decals before or after waxing? There won’t be any problem if you do it before or after; however, there are those who recommend that you do it after waxing the car. In case you want to reposition the decal, you won’t leave an area that is not waxed, if you know what I mean.

The vinyl car decal won’t stick to the wax at all, big thanks to the acrylic adhesive which sticks pretty well with car waxes. The super sleek surfaces can actually enhance the adherence of the vinyl decal on your car.


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